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Audition to Join the Choir

Musical Expectations:
  • Read choral musical fluently
  • Be able to sing your part independently within a quartet
  • Arrive at the first rehearsal with your part learned
  • Attend all rehearsals prior to each series in which you participate
    (See rehearsal/performance schedule)
  • participate in our annual fund-raising event as a volunteer, performer, and/or donor.
  • You are encouraged, but not required to attend other performance opportunities, such as the biennial Greater Seattle Choral Consortium Festival and our annual High School Choral Leadership workshop.
  • You are also encouraged to attend our annual Summer Choir Summit and annual Summer Choir Potluck.
To apply to audition: Send a brief musical resume' describing your choral and vocal experience and training to our artistic director, RandySpitzer@gmail.com. You may apply to audition at any time before, during or after the season. Upon reviewing your resume' the artistic director will respond by either scheduling or declining an audition.

At the Audition you will be asked to:

  • Sing a series of vocal exercises chosen by the artistic director
  • Sing acapella a brief solo (any song, any style) [Suggestion: America the Beautiful works very well]
  • Sight read one or more short choral excerpts

Once accepted, members are encouraged to:
  • Make a tax-deductible donation of $75 or more per concert series ($225 annually)
  • Volunteer to help with tasks associated with choir operations as your time and talent lead you
  • Help promote the choir by inviting friends, colleagues and family to concerts and fund-raising events

Cora Voce 2019-2020 Schedule

If you would like to receive information about upcoming concerts,
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